Thursday, January 10, 2013

How To Save Money At Disney World!

How To Save Money At Disney World!

This year, my family and I are planning a wonderful trip to Disney in Florida.  My husband and I still haven't told our kids we are going as we are having a bit of a hard time saving up the necessary cash for the trip as all my husbands overtime has been cancelled due to the poor state of the economy.

As soon as we have enough money to pay for it and at least an extra $1500 of spending money whilst we are there we will tell the kids and they will be super excited!  I really can't wait to see their happy little faces, beaming from ear to ear with the thought of going to meet Mickey and Mini!

In my quest to make sure we have a wonderful family holiday, even on a budget, I have been researching to try and find out how I can make our trip to Disney a little bit cheaper.  Learning how to save money at Disney is no easy task, I can tell you.  

That was, until I came across a wonderful ebook written by a lovely travel lady who used to work at Disney as a cast member.  In it she details loads of ways to save huge amounts of cash when visiting Disney.
Now, don't get me wrong, this ebook does cost money but considering how much you will save by following its guidance it is a real snip at just under $30.  Check it out here.

In it, it tells you the cheapest way to buy tickets for all the shows, how to find the cheapest tickets for Disney, how to avoid all those terrible queues at the attractions, the best ways to save money on food in Disneyland and where to find the best value for money on Disneyland souvenirs.

If that wasn't enough, it also details how to find the best deals on hotels and accommodation at Disney and also how to find the cheapest flights!  It is an absolute bargain at double the price when you consider just how many hundreds, even thousands of dollars it can help you save.

Get more information about what is included in the book by clicking HERE!